Why Backup Office 365 Email? All You Need to Know

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There are certain things a company should never take for granted. These are hard-working employees, their clients, and most importantly their crucial emails in Office 365. Therefore, you should always backup Office 365 email locally. Follow this guide for a detailed overview!

Why? This is because organizations now rely heavily on Office 365 for their work. Thus, almost all the data of the business is now on the cloud-based platform. However, if you don’t safeguard your data it can cause you millions of dollars if you lose it for any reason.

Most of the users depend on Microsoft to protect their data. They should not. This is because Microsoft is a cloud-based collaboration platform and not a data protection service.

Also, the ‘Shared Responsibility model,’ of Microsoft says that both companies and Microsoft are equally liable for any sort of data loss.

Does this mean that Microsoft does not provide any kind of data protection? No, Microsoft handles any data loss because of administrative errors like hardware or software failure.

Now, let’s discuss some of the main reasons why you should back up your Office 365 data.

Microsoft Bears No Responsibility for the Security/ Backup Office 365 Emails

Microsoft is exclusively responsible for maintaining the cloud infrastructure services as discussed above. You are responsible for the security of your emails hosted by Office 365.

Consider the following Microsoft data protection lines:

Microsoft recommends that users utilize a professional solution to secure their emails. Another advised approach is to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule. This suggests you have at least three copies of your data kept on two distinct types of media with at least one copy stored offline therefore it is always the best idea to have a backup Office 365 email with yourself.

If there are any Unexpected Disruptions or Outages in the Services of Microsoft

In spite of being one of the largest technology companies, Microsoft is affected by power outages and service delays. This issue may result in downtime or data loss. In the worst-case situation, if the servers are severely disrupted, you may never be able to recover your data.

In situations like this, having a backup Office 365 is quite beneficial. If any data in Office 365 is permanently deleted, it cannot be recovered unless there is a backup of it.

If Any Emails In Office 365 Is Deleted Permanently, They Cannot Be Recovered Unless It Is With A Backup

Data can be soft-deleted (temporarily) or hard-deleted (permanent). The data in the first situation can be retrieved even without a backup, but this is not possible in the second. If emails are permanently lost under the following conditions, they can never be recovered unless you backup Office 365 email:

  1. When they are removed (or soft-deleted) for more than 30 days without being retrieved
  2. When the user account associated with the emails has been permanently wiped.
  3. When the emails are manually removed from the Recoverable Items folder.

This rule does have one exception. If the hard-deleted data were previously preserved in accordance with the retention policy, you may be able to recover them using eDiscovery. However, this approach is seldom useful for data recovery. This is due to:

a) The purpose of eDiscovery is not to restore information, but rather to keep it as evidence in a court action.

b) eDiscovery is only accessible with Office 365 E3 or above subscriptions, which cost $20>/month per user, whereas professional backup is $6/month per user.

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If The Office 365 Account Is Deleted, It Will Lead to the Deletion of All the Data on That Account, including the emails

There are different scenarios when the users choose to delete their Office 365 accounts.

● When an employee departs, this will save money on licensing.
● To move data to a different account or data management suite.
● Because of the expiration of licensing services.
● As a result of careless and unintentional account deletion.
● If there is a malicious (intentional) account cancellation.

No matter what the reason behind it was, this will delete the account and the data in it forever.This would have been avoided if the user had a backup of their Office 365 account and their data stored somewhere else. Even Microsoft recommends its users regularly back up their data.

Paying For Additional O365 User Licenses To Retain Data Is A Waste Of Money

Only active users will be supported by the built-in Office 365 data retention capabilities. If an employee quits your company, you must continue to pay for their O365 subscription in order to preserve access to that data. In this situation, users will benefit by making a backup and subsequently deleting the data.

Office 365 Cannot Protect Your Data From All Potential Security Threats

Your data is vulnerable to a number of external security threats. Ransomware, malicious programs, brute-force assaults, account hijacking, data theft, and other threats are examples.

Only active users are supported by the built-in Office 365 data retention capabilities. If an employee quits your company, you must continue to pay for their O365 subscription to preserve access to that data. In this situation, users will benefit by making a backup and subsequently deleting the data.

How to Backup your Office 365 Emails?

After learning why users should backup their Office 365 emails, it is essential to understand how to do so. This is possible with the help of a professional application, the Office 365 Cloud Backup & Restore Tool.

This program allows you to backup not just your Office 365 emails, but also your calendars, contacts, and documents from various Office 365 accounts.
It even retains the meta attributes and data integrity once the backup procedure is completed. The ‘Date-Filter option’ is an intriguing element of the software. It allows you to save just the data that falls inside the time period you specify.

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Wrapping Up

You’ve probably realized how important it is to keep backup Office 365 emails by now. This can rescue you from a variety of unpleasant situations in which obtaining your data, including your emails, appears to be impossible. Also, an expert-recommended solution has been shared in this blog, which will allow you to effortlessly backup your Office 365 emails.

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