What are the Latest Technologies in the Media Industry?

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Media refers to publishing, printing, broadcasting, digital and electronic means of communication. Until the 1980s, media was relying upon print and broadcasting models such as television and radio. In the last three decades, traditional media has been transformed through the application of technologies such as images, software, Adobe Photoshop, and desktop publishing tools. New media includes websites, online communities, web advertising, virtual reality, web 2.0, smartphones, and automated journalism. This technological transformation in the media industry provides ease in access to information, saves money and time, and becomes more innovative. Media is not just a source of information but it plays a vital role in society. Its more prominent role is entertainment which includes many tools to watch serials, movies, like YouTube, Netflix, etc. Media is also a source of education as world-class institutes and professors post their lectures, exams, notes, and video lectures on their websites and anyone can access them with an internet connection.

Another obvious role of media is that people can discuss their issues publicly on social media platforms, they can have a debate on political issues. Everyone can give his opinion and participate in the non-hierarchical debate. So, it promotes democracy. Conclusively it can be said that technologies in today’s new media shorter the geographic distance by connecting people on an internet and increase the speed of communication. But, these technologies have become outdated particularly in western and developed countries because technologies are growing faster with time and the media industry is highly and positively affected by this growth of technology. Now, new technologies have been introduced which are revolutionizing the media industry. These are explained in the following.

Technology During Covid Pandemic

The use of social media applications reaches its peak due to the complete lockdown of Covid-19. The journalist started interviewing on social media such as Skype and the public seems to be more comfortable with this strategy than face-to-face discussions because it saves time. Media with technology convergence shifts the model of mass communication and radically shape the way of interaction and communicating with each other the entertainment industry shifted to live streaming on platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and people enjoy their lockdown in this way.

Robot Journalism

In developed countries, robots are designed to analyze and interpret content and other printing materials which are helping hands of content writers, journalists, and publishers. Bandito which is developed by the Washington post helps to analyze the content, headlines, source information, and make improvements.

 Video Creation of Printing Media

All sources of information, news has been shifting toward video creation on you tube channel. There is a video channel of each platform of news and magazines which shows visuals as well as in-depth details. People tend towards this change that suits them more than text material. Making videos to satisfy viewers is an easy task and this is productive for channel owners. These days’ computer science engineers have introduced automated software that converts text material into simple and short videos. This is an effective way to save the time of publishers and viewers as well. Any individual can have his media by building a website and creating a channel on YouTube. He is free to express his views and post his content on the website.

Advancement of Business

People can earn a huge amount of money by sitting at home. Through technology in the media industry, they can communicate with their clients on the internet and invest money in online applications as well. The real estate business is progressing. An agent can sell or buy property on websites or applications like OLX, Zameen.com. For example, flats for sale in Murree. This kind of advertisement is productive for agents and helpful for tourists and travelers that are searching for online booking of rooms. 

Online Content Writing and Blogging

The publishers and writers can create their profile on content writing applications that are available on Google play store or apple store. People hire them to write articles, essays, texts, etc. Email is considered a formal platform to send and receive files from others. It provides the opportunity for writers to earn at home by blogging and emending others’ content.

Drone Technology

The drone is an outstanding invention in the media industry. It uses to cover events, natural disasters, wars and happening on mountains and over the sea, and for military purposes. The administration has legalized the use of a drone. Before the invention of smart drones, helicopters were used to capture footage. Helicopters are more expensive than small drones and have a risk of human lives. Contrarily, there is no risk of human lives in drone footage, it is controlled by a computer or remote software.

Digital Libraries

Due to this technological advancement, people don’t need to buy magazines, newspapers, or books and visit the library. They can easily log in or enter a library on their smartphones, libraries like kindle, speechify where they can not only read the book but also listen to audio or video versions of books. So, digital libraries facilitate oneself at home.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality allows users to create 36- degree video and images libraries for live streaming and download. The audience spends more time watching live streaming than any other media content. Virtual reality videos on-demand creates an opportunity for new business models. In virtual reality users and their surroundings involves directly in the content. Technology in the media industry is growing very fast and it will be. Expanding of technology facilitate people in terms of money and time so it is productive for the public.


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