Top 10 Electric Bikes in India for Eco-Friendly Commuting

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Electric bikes, often known as e-bikes, have transformed the way we commute in India. Electric bikes have grown in popularity as environmental concerns and a focus on sustainable transportation have grown. They not only give an environmentally responsible alternative to typical gasoline-powered motorcycles, but also cost-effective and efficient options for daily travel. In this in-depth analysis, we look deeper into the best 10 electric bikes available in India, examining their performance, battery range, design, and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Hero Electric Optima

The Hero Electric Optima is one of the most well-known electric scooters in the Indian market. It’s a popular choice among urban commuters due to its practical design and great performance. The Optima has a 250W electric motor that propels it to a top speed of 25 km/h. It has a lithium-ion battery that can travel up to 65 kilometers on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for short to medium-distance commuting.

The Optima’s lightweight design is one of its primary advantages, as it improves mobility and ease of usage. Furthermore, the spacious storage and comfortable seating make it a practical solution for regular city transportation. Hero Electric’s commitment to affordability sweetens the deal even more, making the Optima an appealing option for buyers.

  1. Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak, a trusted brand in India’s two-wheeler sector, has made a stunning comeback in electric form. Bajaj’s electric offering combines vintage aesthetic elements with cutting-edge technology, making it a fascinating choice for riders seeking a mix of heritage and environmental responsibility.

The Chetak’s electric motor produces outstanding acceleration and a top speed of 78 km/h. What truly distinguishes it is its extensive range, which offers around 95 kilometers on a single charge. As a result, it is appropriate for both city commuting and short intercity travels. The Chetak also has regenerative braking and three riding modes to provide a smooth and efficient ride.

  1. Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is India’s maximum in electric scooter technology. The 450X is designed for discriminating riders seeking both performance and sophistication, and its 6 kW electric motor packs a punch. It has an impressive range of approximately 116 kilometers, allowing you to tackle longer journeys without having to worry about recharging frequently.

The Ather 450X is truly distinguished by its outstanding technological characteristics. It has a futuristic touchscreen dashboard with navigation, real-time vehicle diagnostics, and connectivity options. The scooter also allows over-the-air upgrades, allowing it to develop and evolve over time. The Ather 450X should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a premium electric scooter that combines power, style, and cutting-edge technology.

  1.  TVS iQube Electric

TVS, a well-known name in the Indian two-wheeler sector, has entered the electric mobility market with the iQube Electric. This attractive and efficient electric scooter is designed to meet the needs of urban commuters while also being environmentally responsible.

The 4.4 kW electric motor in the iQube Electric provides quick acceleration and a top speed of 78 km/h. Its lithium-ion battery delivers around 75 kilometers of range on a single charge, making it suitable for daily city travel. Furthermore, it includes advanced features such as a TFT display, smartphone connectivity, and an app with capabilities such as navigation, remote vehicle diagnostics, and more. The TVS iQube Electric is an attractive alternative in the market thanks to its combination of elegance and technology.

  1.  Revolt RV400

In the Indian electric motorcycle environment, the Revolt RV400 is a game changer. This AI-powered electric motorcycle exemplifies how electric mobility can provide both power and ease. The RV400’s 3 kW motor provides outstanding acceleration and a top speed of 85 km/h.

The RV400 is distinguished by its interchangeable battery system. Users can easily swap out the battery instead of waiting for a recharge, dramatically minimizing downtime during extended trips. With a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge, the motorcycle is suited for both city commuting and interstate travel. It also has regenerative brakes, configurable exhaust sounds, and multiple riding modes, making it an appealing alternative for tech-savvy riders.

  1.  Okinawa PraisePro

Okinawa, which is known for its commitment to environmentally responsible mobility, offers the PraisePro as an appealing electric scooter choice. The PraisePro appeals to riders looking for flair and substance in their everyday commute, thanks to its elegant design and solid performance.

The PraisePro is equipped with a 1 kW electric motor that provides smooth and economical acceleration. Its lithium-ion battery has a range of about 90 kilometers on a single charge, making it perfect for commuting in cities and suburbs. The LED illumination, smooth ride quality, and substantial storage capacity on the scooter add to its attractiveness, making it a good alternative for regular city transportation.

  1.  Ampere Zeal

Ampere Zeal has carved out a position in the Indian electric scooter market by providing affordability without sacrificing durability. This electric scooter is designed with practicality and affordability in mind, making it an appealing option for a wide spectrum of riders.

The Zeal, which is powered by a 1 kW electric motor, provides efficient and consistent performance for daily commuting. Its lead-acid battery provides up to 75 kilometers of range on a single charge, meeting the needs of urban riders. The Zeal’s simple design and cheap maintenance costs make it an appealing alternative for individuals wishing to transition to electric transportation without breaking the bank.

  1.  Gemopai Astrid Lite

The Gemopai Astrid Lite is a sleek and functional electric scooter designed to meet the needs of modern urban commuters. It blends an eye-catching design with a comfortable riding experience, making it a desirable option for riders looking for both aesthetics and utility.

The Astrid Lite has a 1.2 kW electric motor that provides quick acceleration and a top speed of 65 km/h. Its lithium-ion battery has a range of about 75 kilometers on a single charge, making it ideal for city travel. The sleek look, LED illumination, and comfortable riding qualities of the scooter make it an appealing alternative for young riders who value style and substance.

  1.  PURE EV EPluto 7G

The EPluto 7G is a practical and dependable electric scooter offered by PURE EV, an indigenous electric vehicle company. This scooter is built to last and operate well, meeting the needs of users looking for a trustworthy electric mobility alternative.

A 1.2 kW electric motor powers the EPluto 7G, providing efficient and smooth acceleration. Its lithium-ion battery delivers up to 100 kilometers of range on a single charge, making it appropriate for both city and suburban transportation. The scooter’s sturdy construction, minimal maintenance expenses, and reasonable pricing make it an appealing option for riders looking for an electric scooter that can endure daily use.

  1. Emflux One

Emflux One is a game changer in the Indian electric two-wheeler sector. It’s more than simply an electric motorcycle; it’s an electric superbike aimed at fans looking for high-performance electric motorcycles. The Emflux One is your ticket to the future of electric transportation if you want sheer excitement and cutting-edge technology.

The Emflux One is propelled by a powerful 60 kW electric motor, which provides thrilling acceleration and a top speed of 200 km/h. While it is primarily intended for performance, it is also practical, with a range of roughly 200 kilometers on a single charge. It is a true pioneer, demonstrating the promise of electric motorcycles in the high-performance market of India.


The electric bike market in India is growing, with a wide selection of products to suit a variety of interests and budgets. These top ten electric bikes represent the peak of environmentally friendly two-wheelers, each with its own set of features and benefits. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a tech enthusiast, or a performance nut, this list has an electric bike for you.

Electric bikes are poised to play a big role in decreasing pollution and promoting sustainable transportation as India’s electric vehicle infrastructure evolves and expands. Embracing electric mobility not only improves the environment, but also provides riders with a more cost-effective and efficient method to navigate India’s busy streets. So, choose your electric bike properly and be a responsible rider.


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