Steps To Install Java Runtime Environment In Your Personal Computer

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Learning a new language is understanding a different version of the life. There are reasons why many people always desire to learn new languages. In the age of technology, we need to learn new high-tech languages & know-how of new technology that this site ( ) helps with. Java is a popular programming language and is being widely used in the IT industry. It is simple, fast, secure, and reliable. The java platform comes with three key components. They are:

  • JDK ( Java development kit )
  • JVM ( Java virtual machine )
  • JRE ( Java runtime environment )

The java runtime environment is a software layer that runs on top of a computer’s operating system software. JRE is the minimum requirement for running a java program that runs the code on our devices. So if you want to install JRE on your PC, you need to follow the steps accordingly. The process of installation of JRE in your PC is free of cost. So, let’s see ten easy steps to download Java.

Step 1:

Firstly open the web browser on your PC. After that, you need to go to google by Once you are on the google homepage, type “Java JRE download.” This will take you to the respective page.

Step 2:

You need to click on the first link ( Java SE Runtime environment 8-downloads-oracle ). This is a website from After you open the website, go to page downloads. There you will find two versions of the Java SE runtime environment.

  • 1st version – Java SE runtime environment 8u201
  • 2nd version – Java SE runtime environment 8u202

The first version of Java SE runtime environment 8u201 is the latest.

Java Runtime Environment

Step 3:

Before downloading any of the versions, you need to click on “accept the license agreement.”

Step 4: 

Then you will find so many versions for various devices. For example, for windows, we have windowsX86 for 32 bits and windowsX64, 64 bits. So you need to click the respective window option according to the number of bits on your PC.

Step 5:

If you don’t know how many bits your PC has, then go to the search box. After that, type “CMD,” Then open the “command prompt.” After opening that, you need to type the following command (“wmic os get architecture”). Once you’re done with typing the command, hit enter to proceed. Then you will find the number of bits of your PC, which will help you select accordingly.

Step 6:

Now you need to click on the windows option, which matches the bits of your PC. Then click on download.

Step 7:

Now the task is to select the inner destination folder. You can choose “desktop” for it.

Step 8:

Then click on “save.” 

You will find a file downloading on the bottom left of your browser, and once it’s downloaded, you can go to the desktop.

Step 9:

After you go to the desktop, double-click the file. You will get an option to install, so click on install. After that, you will get important information about the oracle java SE roadmap, and you can read the report for better understanding.

Step 10:

Then click “OK,” and now Java gets installed on your PC. 


With all these ten easy steps, you can install Java on your PC. It is effortless and helpful to install JRE. Java applications are called WORA or Write Once Run Anywhere. This means a programmer can develop Java code on any one system and can expect it to run on any other Java-enabled system without any adjustments. This is all possible because of JVM.

 Java is simple and easy to learn and understand as well. It is object-oriented and very flexible. Java is also safe to know, and learning Java doesn’t cost you much. 

We can install JRE at no cost. It has good features, which makes it a high-level programming language. Java also automatically removes unused objects with the help of the automatic garbage collection process. Though Java has a vast number of advantages, it comes with some setbacks as well. 

Java functions a bit slower than the other languages, and it also consumes a lot of memory. But now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good. That’s the reason we can say that Java is one of the best computing languages. Java is a vital part of application development for many organizations and provides a perfect foundation for creating a portable solution. Java builds mobile applications that use different operating systems and servers, such as LINUX and WINDOWS. 

Hence, it is beneficial and easy to install a java runtime environment as you can do it on fingertips because all we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.


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