Online PDF Compression Tools You Can Use Free

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When you will go to transfer or share documents by using email or any other online sharing platform, you may find that PDF format is the most reliable and popular format. Its reason is that this format will preserve the file formatting throughout the sharing process. Now, if you will have to share large PDF files without file conversion, you may have to face some problems due to their size. Therefore, you will have to compress these files. For this reason, you can use online PDF compression tools. Here, we will discuss some free online PDF compression tools.

PDF Compression Tools:

PDF Compressor:

It is free and one of the easiest PDF compression tools. To use this tool, you don’t need to download its software. You can easily get access to this tool by using your web browser. When you will visit this website, you may not find this website attractive. Anyhow, when you will use this website, you can perform all the PDF compression features. The most important benefit of this tool is that it will not damage the quality of the PDF files after compression. While using this website, you will see ads. This thing is showing that the company has monetized the website with ads. That’s why it will remain free for the users.

Adobe PDF Compressor:

It is one of the most popular and widely used PDF compression tools. Almost all computer users are well aware of the Adobe reader because they are using it on their mobiles and laptops. It is allowing the users to actively read and manage the PDF files. If you want to manipulate the PDF files, you can also use its various functions. When you will use this tool, you can compress the files within seconds. To make the process easier for the users, they are providing a simple drag and drop option. That’s why a layman who doesn’t have enough knowledge about compression can easily use this tool. After compressing the PDF files, the users can also share files online.


Along with compression of the PDF files, you can also use this tool for editing and converting the files. Due to its jarring user interface, it has become one of the best online PDF compression tools. It is providing lots of features and tools that you can use to convert PDF files. After uploading the files from the computer, you can easily compress them by using the drag and drop interface. It is offering multiple preset compression options. You can choose the best options for your files. In some cases, you may have to split or merge the PDF files. Under such a situation, this tool is also the best choice for you. It is also the best tool to perform some PDF manipulation features. The users also like this tool because it is fast and intuitive.

Free PDF Convert:

Recommended by a dissertation writing firm, it is also one of the best online free conversion and PDF compression tools. You can easily use this software to yield the best results. While compressing the PDF files, you should not worry about their quality. Its reason is that the PDF files will seldom lose their quality during the compression process. Another important quality of this tool is that it is emphasizing on the safety and quality of the data. Moreover, it will also save your files from duplication problems. This tool will encrypt the information. When it will encrypt the information, no one will break into the information. To get access to this online tool, you can use any device with good internet speed.

PDF Compressor:

If you are looking for one of the simplest PDF compression tools, PDF compression is the best choice for you. When you will convert PDF files by using this tool, you don’t need to provide needless information. You can simply upload the required files into this tool. After uploading these files, you can easily compress these files. After compressing the files, you can save these files at your desired place. It is also allowing the batch uploading of the files to the users. It means that you can upload almost 20 files at a time. After uploading these files, you can easily compress these files by using its comprehensive user interface. If you are facing some problems with the large size of your PDF files, it is the best and comprehensive tool for you.


It is a fully featured PDF manipulation tool for PDF lovers. While using this one of the best PDF compression tools, you can easily compress and edit PDF files. It is also allowing the users to edit or merge the PDF files. It is providing an easy on the eye interface for the conversion of PDF files. After completing the compression process, it will allow the users to select the final quality of the files. In some cases, you may have to organize the PDF files. Under such a situation, you can also use this tool for the organization of PDF files. For the compression of the PDF files, it is also providing fantastic speed to the users.

Soda PDF:

If you are looking for high quality and reliable PDF compression tools, Soda PDF is the best choice for you. To use its free version, you will have to visit its website. Anyhow, if you want to use its desktop application, you can use its premium version. For easy uploading of the files, you can integrate this tool with Google Drive. When you will compress files by using this tool, you may find it will not lose its quality. Moreover, you can easily upload files by using email or any other platform. By using this tool, you can easily fulfil the needs of your business.


We require PDF compression tools for various purposes. For example, we can use them to share files conveniently. Moreover, we can also use them to make some space in the database. This process has become overwhelming for the users. Its organization process has become chaotic for the users. Therefore, if you want to make this process easier, you should use these tools for the compression of PDF files. iLovePDF and PDF2GO have more features for the compression of the PDF files.  

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