Office 365 Migrate Mailbox from One user to Another – Smart Switch

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Are you looking for an easy way to migrate mailbox from one user to another lately? If you are nodding your head, then this post is only for you. The main motive of this write-up is to provide you the easiest approach in order to perform the above operation.

Let’s have a quick glance at the user’s query in order to understand the real-life problems faced by users.

User Query:-

I need help moving a termed employee’s email to be transferred to a new employee’s inbox. I’ve looked online and found the following PowerShell command but the command Search-Mailbox isn’t a recognized cmdlet for my environment. Now, I don’t want to put myself in these technical cmdlet scripts please suggest me a tool of software for this operation. Thanks in advance.


It is obvious from the above user query, that it is not a new problem, according to a recent survey, about 200 Million people are using Microsoft Office 365 globally, and due to this, data transfer queries arise quite often. However, there is not a single native easy approach to carry out data migration safely. 

Many industry experts recommend using trusted automated software to migrate Emails from One Account to Another in Office 365. In this scenario, the user wants a tried and tested method for migration with data protection and integrity.

Also, the user doesn’t want the conventional approach which is a time-consuming and technical manual approach for migration as it migrates only one mailbox at a time and it has various complications. 

Professional Way to Move Email from One Account to another IN Office 365:

As, in the above section we have completely analysed the user query and the scenario, and we would like to suggest you to use Office 365 to Migration Tool. This is a tried & tested user-friendly data migrator utility. 

That ensures maximum data protection along with the hierarchy.  Users also get a free trial version of this software which allows migration of 2 user accounts. 

The trial version provides users the opportunity to test the software, free of cost & to self-verify features. For further more data transfer needs, they can easily purchase the full version of this tool. 

Offers Three Types of Re-Run Migration: 

1. Retry Failed migration: For items which get failed in initial migration, users can run this option to migrate those data safely.

2. Run Full Migration: Items that get skipped in the earlier data transfer users can use the Run Full Migration option.

3. Delta Migration: Delta migration helps to transfer freshly arrived data to the destination account.

Elaborated Steps with Screenshots to Migrate Mailbox from One User to Another

Step 1. Firstly, you need to download the tool and run it, and choose Office 365 as source and destination as shown in the screenshot then hit the Next button.

Step 2. You can migrate emails, documents, contacts, along calendars from one account to another in Office 365 safely without any difficulty.

Step 3. You can also transfer data selectively by applying the date-based filter option provided in the workload selection and then click on Next.

Step 4. Use source Admin Email & Application ID and log in, then click on the validate button. Then hit Next.  

Step 5. Now, following the previous step, log in using destination Admin ID & Application ID, then click on the Validate button and then hit Next.

Step 6. Here you will have to click on fetch users in order to fetch source tenant users.

Step 7. As all users are fetched, now import destination users. To create a mapping between source and destination user mapping option has been provided by the tool. To create a mapping, you have to import the CSV file in which you will maintain the source and destination users ID.

Step 8. Once, source and destination users are mapped, now click the validate button to validate permissions.

Step 9. After the source and destination permissions validated. Click on the Start migration Button to start the operation. 

Step 10. The Software will start migrating mailbox from one Office 365 to another Office 365 account. It will take some time depending on the data to complete the operation.

Once, the migration completes, you can check the destination account in order to verify the working of the demo version.

Features Makes it Perfect to Move mailbox from One Account to Another:

Date Based Filter

It comes with a smart filter that allows users to export the emails, contacts, documents & calendar between the “From” to “To” date range by setting the filter accordingly.

Account-Based Priority Migration

With this facility, you can set priority for accounts that you want to migrate first. You can set it by clicking on the star icon for the prior accounts. This option is pretty useful for bigger organizations that may want to migrate a large number of accounts on a priority basis.

Export Selective Mailbox Items

Office 365 to Office 365 migrator utility provides you the option to export emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. But if you want to migrate only selective categories, then you can check or uncheck items from the software workload section. Then, the software will only migrate selected items.  

Wrapping Up

Performing Office 365 migrate mailboxes from one user to another is not an easy operation. But it could be an easy task if we use a reliable, powerful, and efficient automated tool. 

We have describes the best way through an automated solution for the user’s query. By following the above steps, anyone without having any prior IT knowledge can also easily migrate emails from one account to another in Office 365 in a minimum span of time. 

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