7 Marketing Software To Boost Business In 2022

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Digital Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a modern marketing campaign. Having an online brand presence is important for raising brand awareness and, in turn, raising sales and business revenue. Whether you do social media marketing, SEO-based website content, and/or digital advertisement, you will need the help of digital tools to make a good digital marketing strategy.

A good digital marketing strategy will open up new doors for your business. For example, if I look up escape room breakout or cute kitten videos, I will immediately get hits on similar keyword-focused content and receive targeted ads on your social media accounts or on frequently used sites. The more visibility your content has, the better are your chances of successfully attracting future customers. This is the ultimate goal of a digital marketing campaign.

7 Marketing Software that can Boost Your Business In 2022  

The main purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to boost the productivity of the brand and increase the number of potential users. Since it is important to create a digital presence, all the marketing strategies have to be geared towards the worldwide web. When the marketing process is online, obviously, there will be a need for marketing software. Marketing software is developed in order to make marketing even more convenient.

Good marketing software will speed up all marketing-related processes. This helps in planning strategies and putting them in order. Using marketing software also saves a lot of time. If you are having trouble choosing an appropriate marketing software for your business, here is a list of 7 Marketing software that will help boost your business in 2022.

1. HubSpot 

HubSpot was founded by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Hilligan in 2006. This is a software suite that develops and markets products meant for digital marketing. This software allows you to design and develop your website that best fits your purpose. It helps you in creating relevant content and optimizing them for the best results. It also provides you with digital marketing tools to increase site traffic and generate leads with a high conversion rate. It also helps in social media management.

2. Infusionsoft 

Infusionsoft, by Keap, was founded in 2001 by Clate Mask, Eric Martineau, and Scott Martineau. They offer a platform to businesses to deal with marketing concerns like email marketing. This software is particularly better for small businesses. The company focuses on all kinds of solutions for business concerns and not just sales. Creating landing pages, social media management, customer management, and product marketing are all handled by them. This also has an automated function.

3. Exponea 

Exponea fashions itself as a customer data and experience platform. It was founded in 2015 by Jozo Kovac and Peter Irikovsy in the United Kingdom. Currently, they are owned by Bloomreach Inc. Exponea is powered by artificial intelligence, and hence their automation is also high power. It offers an all-in-one platform for digital marketing, product management, and customer services. With the high-end functions of this software, the business turnover will increase quickly, and the campaign will be successful.

4. Marketer

Marketer is Switzerland’s first all-in-one digital marketing software. The software is entirely in French. It is meant to increase productivity and develop a good digital marketing strategy. It does a market analysis and traffic analysis to boost user traffic on your website. This will result in a good brand presence and increase the conversion rate as well.

5. Active Campaign 

Active campaign is the perfect marketing software for small and medium-level businesses. This software is available only in English and Portuguese and promises an all-in-one marketing software for businesses. It offers a wide variety of engaging features which are designed to acquire and retain users. Active Campaign software is successfully popularizing automated marketing tools into the industry. The users can just automate certain marketing-related tasks and save time. It can also be easily integrated with third-party applications without trouble.

6. Marketo 

Marketo was founded in 2006 by Phil Fernandez, Jon Miller, and David Morandi. It was later acquired by Adobe Inc. In 2018. They develop and sell software pertaining to automated marketing. They deal with all kinds of marketing but specialize in account-based marketing. They attract user traffic and create leads with the help of call-to-action buttons, landing pages, and SEO content as well. The automation function helps in creating a dashboard and in maintaining social media accounts. Their main customers are large businesses. Their conversion rate of users to the customer is also very high.

7. Wishpond 

Wishpond is less developed than the other software on the list. But they do the necessary work with ease, especially when it comes to creating conversion funnels. They offer 12 steps for creating a good marketing strategy. You can design landing pages and test them with ease. You can conduct email marketing campaigns. You can also create contests to engage users and integrate other third-party applications.


Good marketing software will help in developing a good digital marketing strategy. If you cannot decide on a good software that deals with your marketing concerns, take a look at our list!

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