How to Travel in India in Different Areas?

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At times, India can be a little intimidating, very busy, and a little perplexing. It will take some time for you to acclimatize to the hectic energy of this perplexing environment and learn how to be healthy, safe, and sane. Despite the fact that India is not the easiest place to visit, it is one of the most rewarding. It has some very unique and incredible sights that are unlike anything else on the planet. It also has wonderful food, incredible natural beauty, pleasant and dynamic people, and a rich cultural legacy that is a joy to discover. So, to help you make the most of your vacation to India, here are some brilliant tips and methods you should be aware of before you travel.

Book a Unique Place to Stay

Book a One-of-a-Kind Accommodation Boutique stays are still popular among Indians, with 74% planning to stay in a unique accommodation on their next trip. Alternative accommodation listings (homes, vacation properties, villas, beach homes, boathouses, and so on) saw an increase in demand during the pandemic last year. When traveling within the United States, you can experience the destination in a unique way by booking alternative accommodations (such as tree huts) that match the destination and improve the experience it has to offer.

Shop Vintage

With a visit to this historic shopping district in India, you may travel back in time and see how fashion and style have evolved through the years. You never know what you might find with its high worth, unusual finds, and the prospect of uncovering hidden tales from the past. In Kerala, Jew Town is a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Paradesi Synagogue, which is known for its antiquities. If vintage is your thing, you’ll find plenty of it on this renowned street’s antique shops. In the relic shops, you will find artifacts dating back to the colonial period. Even the residences in the neighborhood are influenced by medieval Portuguese architecture.

Wellness Destination

For tourists, escapism has always been essential. Nearly half (47%) of Indian vacationers are looking for quiet, calm getaways to get away from it all. Varkala in Kerala is a great place to get pampered for the day or stay for a wellness weekend to experience complete joy on your next trip. Varkala is one of the top three wellness locations recommended by Indian travelers on This town is located on Kerala’s coast, with palm-covered red cliffs. Several wellness studios and ashrams may be found around the location, especially on the beach. The hot springs at the site are thought to supply mineral water with medical capabilities, adding to its wellness appeal. Varkala has also grown in popularity as a result of the expanding ‘Naturopathy’ practiced in numerous Ayurvedic centers. So, to de-stress your mind and body, add ayurvedic massages to your to-do list.

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Visit Lesser-Known Markets

India has a plethora of fascinating markets that you should visit at least once. West Bengal is home to a number of lesser-known wonders. Mandarmani, a seashore village with fascinating vistas of rural Bengal, is one of the undiscovered jewels you should consider. Along the journey, there are numerous local markets selling fish, cashew nuts, veggies, and oils. Digha Mohana, Radhamoni, and Ramnagar fish market are among these markets. While at Mandarmani, visit Mandarmani beach and revel in traditional seaside Bengali cuisine and photography. If you want to have some fun, you may also go on jet ski rides, banana boat excursions, and parachute rides along the beach.

Discover Secret Gardens

Embrace the serenity of India’s hidden gardens and green spaces. Enjoy a picnic in the park or simply explore its lesser-known beauty with a stroll around the most exquisite trails in this oasis. Naraku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is a pristine haven of biodiversity, teeming with enthralling flora and animals. Padmapuram Gardens, 2.5 kilometers from Aaraku Valley, is a 26-acre natural beauty dating back to World War II. This location’s rose gardens and jackfruit trees are among its most popular attractions. The entire garden can be explored via a customized train run by the location. If you want to spend the night amid the plants, you can reserve a stay in the hanging garden. 

Don’t Try to Cover Too Much Ground

One of the most significant pieces of advice I can give you for traveling in India is to limit your schedule to a few places and spend more time in each one – rather than trying to see everything in one trip. Walking around in a crowded Indian city might be a sensory overload at times, so make time on your agenda for relaxing and recovering. You will experience burnout and exhaustion if you try to do too much in too little time. Instead, take your time and get deeper into fewer sites you’ll have a more enjoyable trip. You’ll also have more possibilities to interact with locals and have unique encounters.

Be Wary of the Common Travel Scams

There are a few sorts of travel scams that appear again, so if you can recognize them, you will be far less likely to be duped by them. For example, a frequent trick is for the taxi driver to claim that he has never heard of your hotel, even if it is a well-known one. Alternatively, they will insist that your hotel has closed or relocated. They will do this in order to suggest another hotel, which will pay them a commission for bringing in business. You may avoid this by knowing your hotel’s address ahead of time and keeping the phone number ready so you can call and check the location.

Learn How to Haggle

Haggling is a normal aspect of buying in India, but if you come from a society where haggling is not the norm, it will feel foreign and daunting at first. The most essential thing to remember is that this is not a fight, but rather a polite negotiation. The vendor would most likely propose a high price and expect you to counter-offer with a lower price. The price is always adjustable, and if you don’t negotiate, you’ll wind up paying more for almost everything you buy. Furthermore, the news will quickly travel around all vendors that you are an easy target.


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