How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone Remotely?

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Contemporary technology has been impacted by the young generation when it comes to modern cell phones. The mobile phone gadgets are accessible in different shapes, rates, and also with the number of operating networks such as Android, iOS, and Blackberry. Therefore, it is very popular and needs the hour activity for the parents to peep into the child’s smartphone lives. 

In recent years, mobile phones have evolved into the most crucial thing for kids and teens. The continual access to the Internet keeps young people related, while social media apps help them create individuality and social impression.

Specialists say that children who are condemned online by their peers often become weak, which leads to less confidence. When that happens, they seek out assistance on the web and start connecting with strangers, often unknowingly befriending online predators who seek emotionally soft children.

These predators are directed at attracting kids out of their homes to meet up. Frequently, they pressure their underage preys into mailing them sexual subjects.

The amounts are massive. 

Why Monitor your Child’s phone without them Knowing? 

Lifting kids in the digital world is not simple. Children are stuck to their smartphones because the Internet makes it reasonable to discover anything they need and be anyone they want. To protect kids from getting into difficulty, parents should see them online.

Monitoring your child’s phone is a matter of distrust for patients, they are not supposed to believe their kids anymore. For this, parents can also wear ek mukhi rudraksha to bring stability and happiness in their life and most importantly their trust in kids.

Monitor your child’s phone is important because:

  1. There is a lot of infringement content online.
  2. Issues like cyberbullying and depression may go unaddressed, negatively affecting school accomplishment, attendance, and self-worth.
  3. To prevent young kids from Cyberbullying issues
  4. To Protect Teens from Sexual Predators and content
  5. To take an insight of their digital friend circle and conversation with them.

Best Apps for Monitoring Your Child’s Phone Remotely

Keeping eyes on children is crucial, particularly when your kid owns a personal smart device. Parents around the earth have begun tracing their kid’s actions using child monitoring apps.

1. Net Nanny Parental Control

It is a content management software marketed mainly towards parents as a means to rectify and establish their child’s computer and other devices.

It was assessed first by Top Ten Reviews in “Internet Filter Software” and fourth in “Parental Control Application” in 2017.

PCMag website also positioned an online survey stating that “Net Nanny is completely at a residence in the new, multi-device world of parental control apps, and it still has the finest content regulator in the market.


  1. Permit or stop the practice of child devices using ad-hoc controls or through a plan.
  2. Monitor and block Internet content in different groups.
  3. It forms mailed black lists and white listings for many websites.
  4. Follow search engine usage, enforce safe search, and accept cautions for marked words.
  5. Place daily time bounds on device use.


  1. It doesn’t have a call/text monitoring feature.
  2. It is a bit of expensive software.
  3. Lacks some features like location tracking.
  4. Most advanced features must be bought.

2. Norton Family

It is an America based parental Control and parental service. Norton Family is aimed at “raising communication” including parents and their Kid’s online actions and activities. Norton Family can check the Internet, instant messenger, and Social-networking sites’ traffic. On shared computers, it depends on the Norton Safety Minder to implement policies and Report activities for separate accounts.


  1. Norton family is very low-priced.
  2. The Norton family offers you a great web dashboard that is easy to follow.
  3. It’s unrestricted to several pc available in your home or workplace
  4. The Norton family software licence can also be utilized on phones, kid devices or other family closed platforms.
  5. Norton family will support you to trace the child device location.


  1. There is no unrestricted edition for this app.
  2. With Norton, one can smoothly disable the web extension option.
  3. Some characteristics with Norton family are platform-dependent
  4. It becomes complicated to obstruct HTTPS sites in case of non-compatible web browsers device.

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Lab is one of the various antivirus companies that have recently added stand-alone parental-control aids to their Portfolios, and this one’s a winner among low-cost options.

The unrestricted edition of Safe Kids monitors a single child’s smartphone or any device, giving a maximum of the Top captions found in any parental-control app or software.

As with most of the parental-control features, the iOS monitoring software has limited details than the Android match in the market. 

Much of this is due to Apple’s close grip on the operating system, but Other Choices, such as Net Nanny, do a more thorough job with iOS.


  1. It is Accessible for parents and easy to install.
  2. No barrier on devices or child profiles online.
  3. Adjustable control of device and app usage for a longer time.
  4. Strong web filtering system for several devices.
  5. Enabled with Geofencing location-based service. 
  6. Substantial aware system for any violent signs online.


  1. It doesn’t support Several iOS devices.
  2. Content filtering is limited to specific browsers only.
  3. Social monitoring only covers Facebook and VK platforms.
  4. It has Sa oft web interface

4. Qustodio

Qustodio has software for Macs, computers, and iOS devices, Amazon Fire tablets. It also lets you set time limits for single apps and personal devices.

A Family Locator trait that exhibits where all your kids are at once was expanded in September.

You can handle only a few dozen apps on iOS, as contended to all Android apps. 

Its Web filtering is more important on iOS devices while regulating texts and calls works on only Android devices of kids.


  1.  It is intelligently formulated to work across several platforms.
  2. One of the streamlity of Qustodio is its neat web interface.
  3. It can prevent violent apps on both desktops and mobile devices.
  4. Qustodio completely blocks such browsers and refuses to work with them.
  5. Qustodio will enable you to set a time barrier for the daily usage of devices.


  1. Compared to related software from some big names, Qustodio is relatively expensive.
  2. On desktops, even an unrestricted VPN can avoid the web filters.
  3. It can only track Facebook
  4. It has Limited Features on iOS devices.

5. OurPact

Once the most influential parental-control app for iPhone users.

At its maximum, OurPact was the only parental-control app we tested that could manage or block any iOS app. It can however do so for the Android platform based devices .

Its website filtering completely blocks porn, and it can’t regulate calls or texts at all, even on Android.


  1. It has GPS tracking built-in feature.
  2. Pro Bullet App and website blocking programs.
  3. It is enabled with Pro Bullet Screen- time scheduling 
  4. Detailed FAQ section


  1. Doesn’t work accurately on the OS platform
  2. The limited set of features
  3. No Activity recording
  4. You can’t monitor text messages with OurPact

6. Screen Time  

 Screen Time – not to be mistaken with the “Screen Time” feature in iOS does a superb job of handling and scheduling kids’ device access. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a lot else, at least on iOS devices. App administration and web filtering are for Android only.

Screen Time also has baffling charges for area tracing and its web filters feature, both of which are basic and come criterion with other parental-control apps in the market.


  1. You can enable and block apps that are not acceptable for them or which may cost you money.
  2. You can glimpse the app usage, you thus have control over how they will use their device.
  3. You can also set tasks for them to begin and award them.
  4. You can share the control of the app with numerous other admins.
  5. Instant notification via mail


  1. It may lag, and does not instantly deliver Screen Time requests.
  2. No GPS tracking feature
  3. Specific features only appear with the subscription package.

7. ESET Parental Control for Android

Like various other antivirus software companies, ESET has plunged its toes into the parental-control market and come up with ESET Parental Control for Android.

Dissimilar to its competitors in the demand such as Norton and Kaspersky, its software doesn’t give iOS parental controls and instead has concentrated completely on benefiting Android.

Unfortunately, that laser clarity hasn’t been proved in a finely honed app. A limited caption did well but put up with as a total, ESET Parental Control application for Android is losing in some areas of regulations of some activities there.


  1. It has an easy-to-use setup procedure.
  2. It has features like filtering, monitoring, and describing to a parent under Web Guard Protection.
  3. You can set definite zone limits on your kid’s phone and get notified when they enter those limited zones.
  4. The SOS option allows your kid to send an emergency message including the location by touching any button on their phone.
  5. The location tracking is very fast.


  1. It is an Android-based app that doesn’t work on iOS devices or platforms.
  2. The text and Call monitoring features are inaccessible.
  3. During the product update cycle, license information might get lost.
  4. There is no such location log record.

8. MMGuardian

It has almost every parental-control software detail you might need on your Android-based phones, but its qualities and features are relatively restricted on iOS-based devices.

The iOS and Android device apps appeal to location tracking and terrific web filtering, and this app now has an AI component to point raw in device saved images.

On iOS, MMGuardian’s app management is archaic, and there is no call and SMS blocking.


  1. With this app, you can track an iPhone device even if you have an Android phone
  2. It is relatively simple to arrange and utilize it.
  3. You can easily access its control panel through its app or by visiting its website panel.
  4. It can help you prohibit the kind of content your child can access
  5. No rooting (or jailbreaking) is required


  1. There are little or no features to set time-based restrictions on iLocateS devices.
  2. You can only block calls, messages, etc. on the Android devices
  3. The tool is often not submitted due to its bad customer assistance.
  4. The details are a bit distinct for iOS and Android devices.

9. Kids Place – Parental Control App

Parents who are starting to control their kid’s actions on the phone and manage their screen time can evaluate installing this productive app.

The absolute objective of the app is to create a stable environment for your kid while exploring mobile technology.


  1.  It has easy to use interface
  2. Its features help you to manage the way your child uses their device
  3. Your children cannot disable the app features 
  4.  After a certain amount of time, it gets shut
  5. You can Customize the wallpaper of the launcher


  1. It has Limited features compare with other apps
  2. Need entry to child’s device to make setting modifications.
  3. Make you purchase the full version

10. Kiddie Parental Control

This is a profitable parental control android app for parents to curb kid’s access to undesirable content and insure smartphone daily data.

Kiddie Parental software app demands to be introduced on your child’s device and then it does not give any entry to remote devices or applications.

You can also regulate the app usage from within the app where it maintains logs of which apps were enabled to be unlocked.


  1. It avoids installing new applications by obstructing the Play Store feature
  2. It can limit the duration of calls
  3. It ensures the Youtube parental filter is on
  4. Feature of track child applications or network actions


  1. It contains violent software bugs
  2. It is a little bit over budget
  3. It makes you purchase the full version

11. Locategy

This incredible parental control app lets parents make practical supervisions over a child’s mobile usage while giving them the independence to celebrate today’s mobile lifestyle freely.

Locategy is nearly a parental control app. It supports programs such as iOS and Android. 

Locategy can keep a track of the user’s child area and activities. And it does a fresh good job of it.

But it could use some more refreshing impressions as far as its design elements are distressed.


  1. Its Free edition is accessible to all users
  2. Can easily block inappropriate apps
  3. Provides usage schedule details
  4. Accurate and stable information on time 
  5. Executes location tracing very nicely


  1. It Doesn’t support PC and Mac software 
  2. No SMS blocking feature
  3.  The call blocking feature is missing
  4. Doesn’t regulate social media content nicely

12. Safe Lagoon

This is a remarkably intelligent real-time content sorting system that lets parents monitor and screens the websites toured by their kids.

As they can remotely organize their Android smartphones and tablets, the entire family can be conserved against cyberbullying and section connections.


  1. It can filter content by ag
  2. Free web filtering feature for children
  3. It can Monitors Instagram actions
  4. Monitors Whatsapp, Skype, and Messenger activities of the kid


  1. It Doesn’t have a feature for Facebook
  2. No search history log feature
  3. It doesn’t have an extra screen time rewards program
  4. Not supports on desktop or mac

13. Parental Control Screen Time Website Blocker

This parental control app enables parents to regulate and manage the time expended by their kids on their smart devices. 

Also, this app provides strong web filtering, social media filtering, and location tracking features. YouTube videos seen by children can also be regulated using this app.

Parents can maintain an eye on their kid’s equipment from their phones themselves.


  1. It sets daily screen time limits for kids
  2. You can set tasks to attain extra time
  3. Can Set obstructed intervals each day
  4. You can pause any device on-demand
  5. Authorize or oppose any inappropriate app


  1. Doesn’t work accurately on the OS platform
  2. The limited set of features
  3. No Activity recording
  4. You can’t monitor text messages with this software

14. Boomerang Parental Control – Screen Time app

Parents can set a significant screen time threshold when kids use the devices through this terrific app.

Parents can sample this app free for the first two weeks before deciding whether to go for it.

As with most of the parental software, the iOS monitoring App has lfewerservices/ features than the Android phone users. 


  1. It is Accessible for parents and easy to install.
  2. No barrier on devices or child profiles online.
  3. Adjustable control of device and app usage for a longer time.
  4. Strong web filtering system for several devices.
  5. Enabled with Geofencing location-based service. 


  1. Compared to related software from some big names, it is relatively expensive.
  2. Lacks some features like location tracking.
  3. Most progressive features must be bought.

15. Google Family Link for Parents

Almost like all other apps from Google, this parental control app is among the favorites for parents as it lets them put digital laws while kids watch something.

This app is an enormous treatment that helps kids to make decent decisions while they pay time online.


  1. Effortlessly locate kids outside 
  2. Permits to remotely shut a device
  3. Helpful warnings let to govern their apps
  4. It set time limits to ensure lesser time on devices


  1. Even an unrestricted VPN can avoid its web filters.
  2. It can only track Facebook
  3. It has Limited Features on iOS devices.
  4. No search history log detail


To monitor your child remotely, there are tons of apps in the market which allow their parents to keep monitoring what type of content their kid consumes.

Different parental control apps are loaded with many modern features but when it comes to the mental stability of kids, it disflows very much.

For such calmness and stability, parents can also try Ek mukhi rudraksha for their kids which brings overall tranquillity and calmness to their kid’s life and ek mukhi rudraksha price is feasible for everyone to purchase.


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