How to Make an Explainer Video in 5 Easy Steps

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A major reason why explainer videos have grown so popular in video marketing is that they allow organizations to showcase the advantages of their products or services while also imparting useful information to their target audience.

 At first, glance, making an explainer video might seem like a demanding task. With a video, you’ll need to keep track of everything from scripting to storytelling to animation to art to editing—and that’s only the beginning!

But don’t be alarmed! This article will teach you the fundamentals of creating a successful explainer video, helping you through the production process from the first writing stages to the finishing touches of your finished product.

But first, let’s begin with a brief introduction of an explainer video and its cost.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Introduction to Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short animated video that explains numerous complex problems, business, and product/service concepts to people in a clear and concise manner. It reduces complex theories by distilling them into a manageable number of clear concepts.

The typical method of lecturing on the black hole would be quite tedious, as you may guess. I’m going to assume that the majority of you can connect to what I’m trying to say in this paragraph. Thus, corporations may deliver the message they desire to their target audience using explainer videos.

In addition to increasing your retention rate, an explainer video can also help you do it in a succinct manner by explaining complex concepts. You can also use explainer videos if you’d want to improve your retention rate by defining and illustrating new concepts.

Cost of an Explainer Video

Normally, an explainer video cost is around $4000 to $25,000. Well, to determine the exact cost of an explainer video, you need to take the following factors into consideration such as:

  • The length of your video
  • The style (live-action or animated)
  • The video production company you are collaborating with

Now, let’s learn how to create an explainer video in 5 easy steps: 

Step#1 Prepare Your Video Script

Every video begins with a script, which serves as the foundation for both the film/video itself and the production process itself.

If you’re afraid of the blank page or are experiencing writer’s block, try writing down every thought that comes to mind. Nothing is off the table at this point, so let your imagination run wild. 

With adequate information, you may refine your message to its essence while simultaneously developing new, more focused concepts.

Your script can be improved by following these three guidelines:

  • Explainer videos are a mix of marketing and instructional content. They are both. It is possible that your primary goal is to market and sell, but you will be unable to accomplish so without first demonstrating to your audience how your product or service would benefit them. Your script’s message should be a balance between what you think is essential and what your audience cares about.
  • Keep the script short and simple. Most explainer videos should be no more than 90 seconds, which corresponds to a 200-word screenplay (or even less!). The initial 15 seconds of your video should entice your viewers to remain and watch the rest of it.
  • Add some humor to it. When it comes to developing branded content, this is one of the most frequently ignored bits of advice. You need to ensure that your script is easy to understand and instructive but, most importantly, fun.
  • In the event that you’re dealing with a difficult subject, try to convey it in an engaging manner (as exciting as possible, at least). Your audience will be captivated and inspired to take action if you write an appealing script.

Step#2 Put Together All the Visuals (Storyboard)

Video’s ability to show rather than inform is what makes it an appealing medium. Start thinking about your script’s visual presentation as soon as you’ve finished the first draught.

Storyboards provide you a better understanding of how your video’s important moments will evolve when all of its essential aspects are merged, such as the script, images, animations, and the company logo. If you’re editing or post-processing your video, use transition markers to help you.

Your storyboard can act as a springboard for making changes to your writing as you go along. A continuity mistake, for example, can be fixed before it’s too late.

Step#3 Getting the Characterization Just Right

According to many marketers, the main character of an explainer video is not the product or service they’re attempting to sell—the potential consumer!

The animated figure that represents your buyer persona should be the first item to appear in your video. Your piece will tell the narrative of a character who experienced a difficulty (the same one your audience has) and solved it with your product or service.

Unless you know your audience closely, no video production will have the desired effect. The first step in creating a devoted client base is identifying your target market. 

Otherwise, your tale will have a hard time resonating with your target audience. Figure out what they want and how you can help solve their issues.

To be clear, relatable does not equate to mediocre. Your video’s protagonist should have attributes that resonate with your audience and elicit feelings of empathy from them.

Step#4 Utilizing Animation to Its Full Potential

Animation is a great way to make use of video’s unique communication benefits. Movement and visual effects bring your writing and storyboard to life. In order to keep the audience engaged, you should incorporate dynamic animation into every aspect of your work.

Make sure that your viewers are captivated by every aspect of your work, regardless of whether you employ 3D graphics, whiteboard drawings, traditional animation, or something else.

Step#5 Branding Your Animated Video Explainer

A company’s brand extends much beyond its logo and the products or services it provides. It’s also important to keep your company’s appearance, feel, and tone consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

This includes your explanatory video. Create a shared experience around your brand’s color scheme and typography in order to raise awareness of it.

If your product is being introduced in your video, the logo of your company should be prominently displayed at this point.

Finally, make a strong case for the reader to take action. Your website should include straightforward, step-by-step directions on how customers may buy your products or services or even just learn more about your business.

In a Nutshell

Yeah, that’s it. You see, making an animated explainer video isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is follow the five steps we have mentioned above, and your animated explainer video will be ready to roll.

However, if you feel you want to go overboard and get a highly-professional looking video that’s perfect from every aspect, you can simply outsource it to any animated explainer video production company like BuzzFlick.

They have been offering video animation and production services for decades. They have quite efficient and competent animators and video producers. If you’re in search of someone who offers high-quality services at an affordable cost price, then contact them.


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