How to Get More Website Visitors Using Video Marketing: Strategy from the Top Creator

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Video marketing is not a new concept. It’s been in the air for many years; however, it has started trending most nowadays. It’s a craze among people that has simultaneously increased.

Does it sound strange to you about getting web visitors through video? Well, it should not. Videos have been helping brands improve their rankings for the past couple of years. 

According to recent data, around 82% of traffic is attracted to online videos, 15% higher than in 2017. In addition, 72% of people believe that they will get to know better about any product with the help of videos rather than by reading about them. 

Marketers who obtain video marketing sense a favorable peek of 49% at their business.

It has been observed that including video content on your website increases the time visitors spend on your landing pages.

In 2022 at least 82% of global internet traffic will come from video marketing. Besides, more than half of online activities include streaming videos.

Why is Video Marketing Crucial for Your Business?

Haven’t you noticed from scrolling your Instagram or Facebook the whole day that everything stands as a video now? 

Or possibly that you can find yourself exhausting half your time in these videos. By just drifting from Instagram reels to YouTube videos, you just find yourself getting sucked into these videos the entire time.

One-third of people prefer to watch videos online rather than watch them on television. 

Don’t you think it’s high time to think of increasing your business just by organic methods when there are a lot of more progressive methods available? Yes, You guessed it right, here we are talking about video marketing strategy. Nowadays, businesses must switch to a video marketing strategy. 

Videos capture more attention since images can not be that expressive. It’s just that your videos need to be compelling enough to grab the audience’s attention, voila! You are all set.

Did you know 53% of customers see product videos before making a purchase? Yes, nowadays, people would rather watch videos than read the product descriptions. 

Videos can be a great choice to attract new customers. All you have to do is create videos promoting your products, and by using different social media platforms, you can upload them.

Its demand has increased. You very well know that videos are not only limited to t.v it’s quiet everywhere, and every second person you find watching one of these.

Furthermore, we all know somewhere why videos have become a new trend since it makes things easier to understand; that is why people prefer watching videos rather than just reading the same content.

Steps to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Steps

Unquestionably we all can agree that video marketing has become a new trend. First, however, we need to know some steps to guide us to a successful video marketing strategy. 

In the beginning, it’s imperative to know your video goals. Set your goals to attract new customers or regain your ex-customers. Or maybe you want to motivate your internal staff or make an internal video for that. Every requirement has a different set of solutions, so you need first to set your marketing funnel to achieve the results.

Discover your Target Audience 

Finding the target audience is the most significant step for video marketing because you know if you randomly drop a video without figuring out who your target audience will be, then it’s going to be a flop show. 

So to make your video hit a million likes, then you need to figure out your buyer’s persona. And don’t worry, it’s not that complicated; just get these questions answered.

  • For whom are your products going to be?
  • What objective is your video serving?
  • Where do you find your targeted audience?

Once you answer these questions, you have figured out your target audience.

Make sure to have a Posting Schedule

Making a proper schedule for dropping a new video will boost your sales. Creating hype to launch the first video is a common practice. It helps in attracting eyeballs and ensuring that your launch is successful.

Then, finding the time and day when your audience spends time on various platforms, fix a schedule of pushing videos. Same time helps your viewers expect the videos at a particular time. It’s like the T.V. shows which always come at a fixed time. 

Program your Budget

Make a full-proof schedule of your budget because planning and all okay, but let’s be honest. Without adequate funding in hand, everything else is secondary to making a budget for how you will create videos like you have an in-house production or think of outsourcing some.

Prepare a list of elements or services you need to have or whether you want to hire a company or work with freelancers. Making a proper budget helps implement your plan better, so prepare a budget before working on other things.

The best Videos that Generate Traffic

Sometimes those reels or cute Facebook videos don’t give you customers. So here we are, coming up with the best videos that generate traffic instantly.

Generate traffic from Video Marketing

Animated Explainer Video

The animated explainer video has the quickest and most impact on customers’ minds. It is made for introducing the business or a new product; however, it’s the most common video style that generates traffic. These videos present humans in a fun color combination tone that leaves the last impact.

Interview Videos

Don’t you notice that the most popular video nowadays is an interview format video? And you know what, it’s not that hard. you need to grab some fans’ questions, interview style and answer all those questions in the video that will hold a lot of audiences.

Behind the Scenes

People love to know the behind-the-scenes of your video making. It’s the most accessible and most favorite video type we have witnessed. It’s the way to build trust with your customers. It can be of anything whether an office tour or showing new products.


These are the best videos you can present because nowadays people believe that watching videos about the product helps them choose the right products for them. Therefore, making videos on product reviews is also a great way to attract potential customers.

Effective Channels to Use for Video Marketing

Video marketing doesn’t only mean creating videos and spreading them on different social media channels. It would be best to use the right path to generate potential traffic. We all know that social media is quite famous among youngsters and people of different age groups. 

Everyone loves to socialize, and that makes your work easier. Find a platform ideal for your business and tada! You will acknowledge the maximum number of target audiences.

Here is the List of Different Channels:


We all know the magic of Instagram around today’s generation. With approximately 1 billion users, Instagram became the most trending platform. 

Instagram gives us access to a maximum of 60 seconds of videos on their feed; however, recently, they introduced an IGTV option that lets you upload longer videos.

Knowing the trend Instagram reels is the most prominent feature that gets you millions of potential customers. All you have to do is make a video of max 60 seconds of anything related to new launching or a quick introduction of your business and upload it up, and you will see the love yourself.


LinkedIn mainly focuses on professional media more than friendly socializing. This platform encourages a more business environment. LinkedIn prefers more explained videos to get complete information regarding your business. Since it’s a professional platform, try to upload things formally. 

Try to put emotional or visual stories to grab people’s attention. Make sure to keep brand awareness videos short of the limit of 30 seconds.


The most prominent social media that has held the position for many years with almost 8 billion active users worldwide, it’s the most well-known application.

Make your brand more appealing with Facebook by adding color, themes, images to your video. Captions are the way to add more elegance to your videos and make attractive captions. 

Ensure that the dimension of your video should match the guidelines of the Facebook algorithm. 

You can also tag people appearing on the video or related to your video for better reach.


Youtube is the second-largest SEO platform. With around 2 billion active users. YouTube is currently the most prominent video channel. The audience is so huge that any business can find a related audience there. 

One thing that makes you grab most of the audience is your topic headline since there are many other people making videos there, so to get more views, you need to have a catchy topic.

Use interactive elements to make your video more appealing.


Twitter is one of the social platforms which is famous for celebrities. So it’s the perfect platform for your grand video launch. 

Twitter only supports short videos and your videos need to be engaging enough for the first few seconds since the span of attention here video gets is less.

Try to create creative and attractive captions that attract viewers to go through a glance at your video.

For the best performance, try to upload 20 seconds to 2 minutes videos mostly of 1 GB size limit.


This article covered video marketing since it’s currently the most trending marketing strategy.

 I hope you all get your answers from this article. So what are you waiting for? Try these video marketing strategies, and you will eventually see a boost in your business.

Komal Kokate

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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