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Among the trends of the spring-summer 2022 season, you can easily get lost, they are so diverse. In the next few months, all those men who want to look stylish should definitely turn their attention to checks and denim, prints and geometric patterns, as well as replenish their wardrobe with a couple of summer models in cotton, linen and even silk.

Fashion trends for men’s shirts in 2023

  1. Dress shirts : This is something that will never go out of style! Therefore, absolutely every man should have at least one classic shirt in his wardrobe, which can be styled in absolutely different ways, depending on the occasion.

White color is a win-win option for both a holiday and everyday life. Especially if you opt not for a strict model, but for a more relaxed one, made of light fabric. In addition to white, be sure to look at other shades – for example, blue or blue will be an excellent substitute for it.

  1. Plain shirts : Plain is one of the most popular shirt prints in 2022. And you will be surprised how diverse it can be! The classic check, small and two-tone, looks great even on strict office shirts. But it’s worth choosing a multi-colored print or just a brighter and more contrasting one (for example, red and black), and then you get an absolutely everyday look.

Want to create a slightly more interesting look than the usual combination with shorts or jeans? Then use it as a top layer, wearing a plain t-shirt underneath.

  1. Striped shirts : However, not only the cage remains an eternally relevant print. Strifped models return to the podium in the summer – the nautical theme is fresher than ever in the heat. In addition to various variations of horizontal stripes, you can look for an option with vertical stripes. This print not only looks much fresher and more interesting, but also models the figure a little, stretching the silhouette and hiding its flaws.
  2. Denim shirt :Denim is another material that we recommend that you pay special attention to in the 2022 season. Moreover, many summer models are now sewn from lightweight jeans – a fabric that looks almost the same as the classic one, but is much thinner and lighter.

With a similar model, you can collect both a total denim look and make it the main focus. In the first case, it is not necessary to choose denim of the same color, but, for example, you can combine contrasting tones: blue jeans on a shirt and a white or milky bottom.

  1. Linen shirts : The linen option will help you out not only on vacation. This material has long become quite an urban option. Moreover, linen models of basic shades can be safely worn even in the office. For more practicality, you can look for a model made of mixed fabric with linen, then the thing will be as comfortable as possible in the heat and at the same time will not wrinkle excessively.
  2. Prints : This 2022 trend will definitely please all male fans of bright and informal looks. Indeed, absolutely all prints are in fashion – from geometric to abstract and floral. And if not all men are used to animal prints or bright abstractions on clothes, then almost anyone will agree to try on a laconic geometric pattern in bright colors.

For a more understated look, This Men’s shirt can be paired with basic pieces from your wardrobe such as solid trousers, jeans and shorts. But you can also bet on brightness: for example, choose a set of tops and bottoms and complement it with no less interesting accessories – sunglasses, a cap or panama and bright shoes.

  1. Short sleeve shirts : Do you think short sleeves are something very out of date from the wardrobe of boring office clerks? Ready to argue with you! Moreover, this sleeve length and summer make just the perfect match.

A short-sleeved model can definitely look stylish if you choose it correctly. Ideally, it should be loose-fitting and generally more informal than its classic office version. You can understand this by the details: for example, the light fabric and the soft shape of the collar.

  1. Bright colors : Summer and bright colors are almost synonymous, at least this year 2022! Do not forget that there are a great many shades, and you should not limit yourself to only white, blue and other basic shades.

If you are not ready to go beyond the classic style, then as a fashionable experiment, you should try bleached shades of shirts: light yellow, turquoise, purple and even pink. Even with dark office trousers or suits, these tones will be absolutely appropriate. Or you can go the other way and choose luxurious and deep tones – emerald, burgundy and gray.

  1. Fashionable men’s military style shirts : Brutal military style is the choice of self-confident men. To support this look, you can very easily wear a military-style shirt. How to choose it? First of all, pay attention to the cut and color: the first one should be quite free, with characteristic decorative elements – shoulder straps, patch pockets, stripes. For maximum style, choose models in khaki or camouflage print. It will be great to complement them with other brutal elements – dark sunglasses, a belt with a large buckle, and, for example, a sports watch.

What shirt to choose for a wedding : The groom’s attire is no less important than the bride’s wedding dress. That is why it is worthwhile to approach her choice with special attention. And in order to make it easier and faster, there are a few simple and understandable tips:

Material: When choosing a fabric, give preference to natural materials – for example, 100% cotton or blends. If you do everything right, you will immediately notice the difference in your favor: the thing will look expensive, but it will not wrinkle and lose its appearance after washing. After all, the classic model, which most grooms choose for the celebration, will definitely come in handy for you in everyday life after the wedding.

Croy: A wedding is a time when it is better to choose timeless classics than something very fashionable. However, options are also possible here: for example, you can consider a slightly more fitted cut or a model with cuffs for cufflinks.

Color: White is far from the only option. If the outfit of your chosen one is not snow-white, then you can safely choose a shirt to match him. Another win-win technique is to focus on the tone of the wedding suit. In this case, it should be darker or lighter than the trousers, but not the same shade with them.


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