Fix Can’t Add Hyperlinks To PDF In Preview On iPhone

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Adding hyperlinks to a PDF using Preview on an iPhone can sometimes encounter limitations. As of my last update in January 2022, the Preview app on iOS devices, such as the iPhone, doesn’t inherently support adding hyperlinks directly to PDFs. However, there might be a workaround to achieve this.

One possible solution is to use third-party apps available on the App Store that specialize in PDF editing and hyperlink insertion. Applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Expert, or other similar tools offer the functionality to add hyperlinks to PDFs on iOS devices.

To create hyperlinks within a PDF, you can utilize these third-party apps by importing your PDF, selecting the text or image where you want the hyperlink, and using the app’s features to insert the link.

Always ensure you’re using the latest version of the app to benefit from the most recent features and improvements. Please verify the current functionalities within the app you choose as features may have been updated since my last knowledge update in January 2022..

Why Can’t I Add Hyperlinks To My PDF in Preview On iPhone?

Unfortunately the Preview app on iPhone does not currently support adding hyperlinks to PDF documents. Preview only allows viewing and annotating PDFs with highlights and notes. To insert clickable hyperlinks, you need a more advanced PDF editing application. On iPhone, options like PDFelement and Foxit PDF allow hyperlink insertion.

For Mac and Windows users, Kofax Power PDF is an excellent PDF editor that makes it easy to add hyperlinks to text and objects in a document. Look for a Kofax Power PDF coupon code to get it at the best price. So while Preview is limited, there are other PDF apps capable of hyperlink creation to optimize and connect your PDF content.

What Is The Importance Of Hyperlinks In A Pdf Document?

Despite Preview’s constraints, hyperlinks in PDFs provide vital utility:

  • Quick access to related information – Hyperlinks allow instant access to supplementary content with just a tap. In a lengthy document, they enable easily jumping to relevant sections, images, appendices or sites rather than tedious scrolling.
  • Interconnected web of content – Hyperlinks create relationships between disparate pieces of information within or across documents. This interlinked content mimics how we access online information.
  • Streamlined navigation – Linking the table of contents pages to sections or adding previous/next page links simplifies document navigation. Users move efficiently through content by clicking links instead of hunting manually.
  • Organization aid – Hyperlinks help organize extensive PDFs by dividing documents into interconnected sections. The linked structure provides clarity.
  • Enhanced user experience – Thoughtfully placed links improve the overall PDF reading and navigation experience, making content digestible. Users appreciate this well-designed usability.

In summary, hyperlinks optimize workflows by reducing search time, facilitating connections between ideas, and streamlining access to supplementary information – all through simple clicks.

Are There Alternative Apps For Adding Hyperlinks To Pdfs On Iphone?

Since Apple’s Preview app does not allow adding hyperlinks, iPhone users need a third-party PDF editor with advanced capabilities. Plenty of apps fill this void and enable comprehensive PDF modification right on your iPhone. Here are some top options:

PDF Expert

  • Full hyperlinking support
  • Link to web URLs, pages within the document, or other files
  • Intuitive linking interface similar to desktop software
  • Robust set of PDF editing tools beyond hyperlinking
  • iCloud and Dropbox support


  • Insert URL and page links
  • Recognize linkable text to streamline adding links
  • Annotate, merge and convert PDFs too
  • Encrypt and share files
  • Affordable subscription pricing

Readdle PDF Editor

  • Link within documents or to external webpages
  • Access and edit PDFs from cloud storage services
  • Typewriter and Apple Pencil support
  • Markup, sign and fill out PDF forms
  • 7-day free trial

Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Official Adobe PDF app with link insertion
  • Free version has core hyperlinking capability
  • Premium subscription unlocks full toolset
  • Sync with desktop Adobe software
  • Industrial standard for working with PDFs

Foxit PDF Editor

  • Create links to URLs, page anchors, or document locations
  • Tabbed interface for managing multiple PDFs
  • Secured sharing and encryption
  • Steep learning curve but powerful capabilities
  • 14-day free trial

So iPhone users have excellent choices for apps enabling PDF hyperlinks. Consider your usage needs – casual versus frequent linking, additional required tools, pricing, and ease of use. With the right app, easily add links to enhance documents.

Can I Add Hyperlinks To A Pdf On An Ipad Using Preview?

In contrast to the iPhone, Preview on iPad does support adding hyperlinks without requiring a secondary app. Apple endowed Preview for iPadOS with expanded capabilities to leverage the tablet’s larger screen real estate and computing power.

To insert a hyperlink on iPad:

  1. Open the PDF in Preview and tap Edit.
  2. Select the Text Tool or Shape Tool.
  3. Highlight the text snippet or shape you want to link.
  4. Tap the Link icon (a chain link).
  5. Enter the URL or page number to link to.
  6. Tap Done to insert the link.

This intuitive process matches the hyperlinking functionality found in popular desktop PDF editors. With Preview’s expanded toolkit, iPad users can skip hunting for a third-party solution solely for PDF hyperlinking. Just utilize the built-in Preview tools.

However, for heavier PDF work beyond hyperlinks – extensive annotations, form filling, rearranging pages, password protection, advanced styling – a standalone app may still prove beneficial on iPad. But for straightforward link insertion, Preview gets the job done.

What Are The Best Practices For Creating Hyperlinks In Pdfs For A Seamless User Experience?

When adding hyperlinks to PDFs, use descriptive, meaningful text for the visible link rather than just URLs. Ensure links are visually distinct through color and underline formatting. Check links point to valid, live destinations. Use relative internal links to connect documents rather than absolute links when possible. 

Allow space around links for easy tapping on mobile. Kofax Power PDF provides advanced editing tools to seamlessly optimize and insert hyperlinks into PDFs. Look for Kofax product codes to get the best pricing on their PDF software. Following these guidelines will provide a smooth linking experience for PDF users.

Why Can’t I Add Hyperlinks In Preview On My Iphone?

 Preview, the default PDF viewer on iPhone, doesn’t offer built-in functionality for adding hyperlinks. You’ll need to use third-party apps to insert hyperlinks into your PDF documents.

What third-party apps can I use to add hyperlinks to a PDF on my iPhone?

You can use apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Expert, or other PDF editors available on the App Store. These apps offer the ability to add hyperlinks to PDFs.

Are There Any Recommended Pdf Editing Apps For Adding Hyperlinks?

Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Expert, and PDFpen are widely used and trusted options. These apps provide a range of features, including hyperlink insertion.


Preview’s inability to add hyperlinks on iPhone is an annoyance but surmountable. While Apple’s app lacks this core functionality, alternative PDF editors with robust toolsets are available. For most users, apps like PDF Expert or PDFelement provide an easy path to add links.

 And iPad users can utilize Preview’s expanded feature set. Knowing the power of hyperlinks, the available workarounds, and how to craft accessible links ultimately enables all iOS users to enhance their PDFs. Just having the awareness of Preview’s constraints is the first step to unlocking this beneficial PDF capability using iOS.


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