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Before getting into the best pro tools, we’ll start with a quick question as to why Chromebook in the first place?

Chromebooks are considered to be the most secure when compared to their counterpart, a laptop. Chromebooks are much cheaper and have an impressive battery life as well. Knowing that they carry a heavy processor, this feature of a Chromebook is just bizarre to know of. If you use a Chromebook, you need an email client that is just as powerful as your Chromebook. Right here, you will find information about the six best Email Clients for Chromebook. Also, with the coming in of the Linux apps, the game of the Chromebook has just gone up top.

Now, let’s talk about the best pro Chromebook tools in 2021:

  • COG

Cog is a tool that monitors the system’s performance and shows the system’s statistics in real-time. It involves the network information and also the data relating to hardware. Having a regular check on the system data and hardware is always beneficial. It helps us to keep a proper check of the system we are working on. As this helps you read and know the system’s performance, it is highly advantageous to know the shortcomings beforehand, take proper precautions, and maintain a healthy system.


If you have crouton running in your Chromebook, you can run Linux parallel with Chrome OS. The thing that makes crouton cool is that you need your Chrome OS to be switched to Developer mode. Once you have done that, you could potentially perform some special commands. Everyone loves a multi-tasker, a system particularly helps you get done with things faster, but this is called a pro tool for a reason. This goes a step ahead by allowing us to operate Linus parallel to a Chrome OS!


Crosh window, also known as “Chrome Shell,” allows one to make numerous commands directly from the Chrome OS. But what makes it pro? Crosh Window lets you do various tests to look out for any bug or any system problems and, in turn, performs diagnostics. Like a COG, with a Crosh window, you will know the bugs in place and cautiously avoid them. As we observe, most of the tools look after the system’s welfare, its data, and the operating software, which is why Chromebook is the most secure.


Chromebook Recovery Utility is a great tool that helps you recover your entire operating system. If you use this tool, it corresponds to reinstalling macOS, Linux OS, etc. As humans, we tend to get involved in some mishaps while operating on any OS, but with the Chromebook Recovery Utility, you have a second chance to restart by re-installing the entire OS and starting fresh.


Particularly in today’s terms, where everything has become virtual, we badly need proper connectivity to get on with our routine. Any shortcoming would literally pause the process, as everything depends upon adequate connectivity. Using Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics tools helps you to know the precise cause of the issue and further correct it. The pro part of Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is that it precisely pinpoints the real and actual problem of the case and not put out to our dozen of problems, and troubleshooting it is another long process; that is what makes it a pro!


This tool helps you to remotely access your computer anywhere. Also, when you need to access someone else’s computer, this is the way! This is highly efficient as this makes your entire OS portable to any place you go to. It acts as a carrier of your information in the most effective way that allows you to access your system software anytime and anywhere—worried about security? As discussed in the earlier points, Chromebook is the safest with the pro tools it has, so nothing to worry about.


This tool adds Dropbox to the Chrome operating software and makes it accessible to take advantage of your Dropbox files. Another added benefit to having your files in Dropbox is that your files remain secured in Dropbox. It has numerous layers of security that keep your files secure. So if you are someone who carries confidential data around that needs to be kept safe, Dropbox could be of a great deal to you.

Concluding the discussed topic, the tools mentioned above perform various functions ranging from keeping your OS secured to performing diagnostics to providing you with information regarding any malware to making your desktop available remotely to help you execute multiple commands. At the same time, these pro Chromebook tools provide you with real-time information about the system. These tools keep your system in check the entire time securely, and that’s what makes them the best pro Chromebook tools 2021!

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