7 Best Motion Graphics in Web Design That Keep Visitors Glued on the Screen

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When you’re tired of having a website that’s too flat or boring, you should start looking into incorporating motion graphics in your web design. With it, you can keep your visitors glued to the screen while showing off the vital details on your website well.

To get you started, here are a few motion graphic ideas in web design that you can incorporate into your website.

  1. Animated Logo

A logo is the most critical part of a website. It is the first thing visitors see; without it, the site’s credibility would be at risk. It should be unique and memorable so that it can quickly identify your business from others. It should also be simple enough to understand when looking at it.

The importance of having a logo on your business website is worth stressing. You should also make sure that it doesn’t use too many colors or fonts so it doesn’t distract from other content on the website.

Logos are an investment in branding – they increase awareness and help establish trustworthiness, ultimately leading to more sales.

With that said, since you probably worked hard on creating a logo that best suits your brand personality, you should make it distinct by making it more memorable to your audience. One way to do that is through an animated logo.

An animated logo is a great way to grab attention and establish your branding on your web visitors. It can showcase your unique brand identity in a visually appealing way.

You can even repurpose it as an attention-grabbing tool on social media. When you promote your business, you want people to notice and engage with it. You want them to share it with their friends or like it on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

If everything else is static on a webpage, it can make your animated logo stand out even more. However, if everything is moving, including your animated logo, it might fade into the background, so use it wisely.

2. 3D Elements

3D elements are a part of motion graphics that create a sense of depth in an otherwise flat design. They can also create specific effects like parallax scrolling.

To make your website stand out, you should use 3D elements in your design work, especially when most of it is flat. These 3D elements can be textured, animated, or interactive. It would help if you used them when creating animations or transitions and creating interactive experiences like games and apps.

There are many ways that 3D elements can be incorporated into web design motion graphics, like adding depth to the text, creating an online game, and animating an interactive image.

3D elements are a great way to make the text more exciting and engaging. It makes it seem like something else is happening behind the text you can’t see.

When emphasizing an image or an icon, you can make them 3D to stand out on the page. If incorporating 3D elements sounds interesting to you, here are a few rules to follow to make sure its visual effect is as practical as possible:

  • Make sure that the 3D elements are not too distracting
  • Don’t make the 3D feature is not too complex or detailed for users to understand
  • Create enough contrast between the background and foreground
  • Consider the size of the text, the screen size, and the font size
  • Ensure that whatever you’re turning 3D is something that you want to emphasize

By following these rules, you can have a better chance of ensuring that you aren’t wasting your visuals on something that wouldn’t positively affect your website and how your visitors interact with it.

3. Consider Using Scrolly-telling Animations

Scrolly-telling animations are a type of motion graphic animation on websites that web designers have widely adopted for the past few years. They are based on scrolling through pages or screens of content and encountering a long-form story simply through scrolling, making them ideal for use in web design.

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while, you’ve probably encountered at least one website that does that scrolly-telling animation on their web design.

The benefits of scrolly-telling animations are that they help you convey your website’s message without using too many words or images. You can also use them as a call-to-action for your visitors. They’re great for websites that need a bit more life in them. If you want to add personality and character to your site, scrolly-telling animations are a good choice.

Another benefit to scrolly-telling animations to your web design is sending your web visitors straight to the call-to-action without it being too obvious.

Nowadays, many online users don’t want a hard sell, and some subconsciously avoid calls to action after years of being on the Internet. With the scrolly-telling animation, you can lead them straight there.

You don’t need only to use the scrolly-telling animation on your homepage. You can use it on your product page if you only have one high-value offer. You can also apply it on your Contact Us page if you combine it with your About Us page seamlessly.

This motion graphics idea has many possibilities, so don’t be afraid to plan things out before putting it into your website.

4. Interactive Music Video

One way to gain inspiration and know which motion graphics to use for your web design is by getting inspiration from other websites. After all, only some websites serve the same goal or the same audience. Therefore, getting inspiration from websites in a similar niche can significantly help.

With that in mind, a distinctly attractive website that incorporates motion graphics in its web design in a unique way is the site called Interactive Music Video.

This website showcases and creates music videos on their website interestingly. Instead of just having a video play with the music in the background of the visuals, they made an interactive music video where the viewers can hold the space button to see a different view of the music video. Hence, the name.

They even created visual prompts of when the viewer should interact with the music video because the timing is vital. Since it’s interactive, more people are willing to stay longer on the music video than otherwise. It’s a unique way to get people to watch your music video.

5. Pravis Winery by Kiboko

Earlier, we mentioned scrolly-telling and how it can be an excellent vehicle for telling your brand’s story more visually excitingly. A few websites use this technique, and one of the websites worth looking at for a perfect example of scrolly-telling is the Pravis Winery website made by Kiboko.

It shows perfectly the wine-making process of Pravis Winery with soft imagery in the background and elegant texts fading into the frame. The effect altogether creates a smooth storytelling experience without even too much scrolling of your mouse on your part.

6. Hover Effect

According to Sytian Philippine web designer, a hover effect is one of the most straightforward “motion graphic” animation designs you can incorporate into your website.

The hover effect is a design technique that creates the illusion of hovering over an object or element on a website.

It creates a sense of depth and realism on the web page. It’s a subtle way of making something stand out on a page and making it seem like something more is going on with whatever you apply the effect on.

Motion graphics designers can use it to create both 2D and 3D animations that show the user how their product will function or how they can interact with it. It also gives a sense of movement and dynamism to any animation.

The benefits of using this hover effect include the following:

  • creating motion
  • creating depth
  • creating interactivity
  • giving visual feedback
  • emphasizing important features

You can implement the hover effect on your website’s design in many ways, from simply creating a text box with an image to adding interactive animations that make your site more engaging.

For example, you could use it to highlight important information by adding an animation that shows how the product works or what it looks like when someone uses it. You could also use it as an alternative to a call-to-action button by creating one button with multiple effects that show what happens when someone clicks on them.

You can use it on images, especially when text is beside it, so that their appearance doesn’t seem as flat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the hover effect.

7. Style Novels

All industries can use attractive motion graphics in their web design to make it more visually appealing. For example, Style Novels is a furniture website that decided to showcase its collection through high-quality photos displayed in exciting ways and themes.

They will show you a room styled with their furniture and then pick out the furniture from the said room as you scroll down so you can see them closer.

Even their loading “screen” as you wait for the furniture collection to load is visually appealing, creating a cohesive atmosphere throughout the website user experience.



These motion graphics work best to ensure they are cohesive and make sense for your website’s business or brand. Otherwise, a lot of visual noise may be irrelevant to your website visitors. Once you ensure that these motion graphics on your web design will keep your target audience’s interest for as long as possible.


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