The Future Looks Amazing with This Badass Aircraft Model Design

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From mega-transporters to electric airplanes, what other innovation would knock us off our feet, and cause our jaws to drop as we marvel in the future of air travel? 

With technology advancements left and right, it’s probably safe to say that we are impressed by a lot of good changes in the field of aviation. We get news of an aircraft model reconfigured to give a better performance than its preceding model, we get a glimpse of the biggest “whales in the sky” used by the military… yada, yada, yada! The next thing we know, we are under a beautiful invisible aircraft with highly advanced cloaking technology (just like in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) 

While we need to be patient when it comes to such remarkable advancements, we shouldn’t sleep on another innovation in an aircraft model – which is its design. The future looks amazing, it truly does!

Transparent will be Apparent

Airbus is one of the world’s biggest pioneers in the aviation industry. They have always proved their worth when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and delivering aviation products, so when they had their prediction about the future of air travel, the world naturally took notice.

According to Airbus, the future will see a lot of “transparent planes.” Their vision is that in 2050, airplanes would be equipped with see-through walls, holographic pop-up gaming display (instead of the usual inflight TV for entertainment) and morphing seats (which can change in size and shape to fit the passengers).

See through Walls 

Yes, that’s right. Transparent cabin walls. Airbus claims that the future custom airplane model design will have a see-through wall as a common configuration. The future airplanes will be fitted with some transparent cabin walls to provide all on-board passengers and crew with the amazing views of the earth (that is, if we take care of the environment, and not pollute it too much). All pilots have always loved the perspective of being thousands of feet above the ground.

They say that the views are completely glorious and breathtaking. The future airplanes will see to it that we get the same experience. Although for those with vertigo, or those who can’t stand looking down to see how high up they are because they might collapse or faint, they can simply shut out the panoramic views by “turning their seats into holographic pods, and rendering their sitting area opaque.”

Even with that option, nervous travellers would probably just shut down from the world, and try to stay safe in their holographic pods (panic pod) during the duration of the flight? I guess Airbus better add built-in potties too!

Paperless and Classless

Do you remember the first time you’ve flown in an airplane? You weren’t familiar with the seats, because the layout seems confusing. Well, no need to worry about that in 2050, because aside from the badass transparent cabin design, passengers of the future can simply locate their seats by using a hand-print scanner that already displays images of the seating layout!

There will also be no divisions (classless) between first, business and economy cabins. Instead, the future aircraft model design will have “themed” zones. One such zone disclosed by Airbus was a “vitalizing zone” that comes with mood lighting, vitamin-enriched air, and aromatherapy and acupuncture treatments. That’s basically a spa. 

We just hope the other passengers in the other “zones” can also relax and travel comfortably!

Amazing morphing seats 

Airbus hasn’t explained how this is possible, but let’s just believe it when we see it! The future airplane prediction includes morphing seats that can adapt to suit the passenger’s body shape, providing different levels of comfort and space. Of course, that also depends on the travel budget. It is possible that not all seats are morphing seats. 

This, for some, seems like a wild imagination. How can that happen? Well, I guess the answer for that is to just wait. Anything is possible, and it’s pretty cool! 

Holographic Pop-up Displays 

Talk about super futuristic. The elite class and the government may be very familiar with the holographic pop-up displays in day-to-day life. But for the common people, not so much! In 2050, Airbus reveals that an “interactive zone” will entertain all the passengers, as a big holographic display can simply be activated and treat all bored guests with enjoyable electronic games such as virtual golf.

Called the “Smart Tech Zone,” this area in the future plane can even be used to read bedtime stories to the kids remotely via holographics and sound showers. A big level up from the movie films we’re all used to right now! 

Airbus made their “Transparent Plane” 2050 prediction in 2011. It may be weird now, but we’re pretty sure it will happen soon! 


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