Access Your PC Anywhere with the Best PC Remote Control App

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Computers have become an essential part of work and life. However, you are not always sitting in front of your personal computer that stores the stuff for your work and can quickly arrive at the scene where the computer has technical issues to be troubleshoot is. Thus, a PC remote control app comes into play. 

The best PC remote control app for Windows 11/10/8/7

PC remote control app means an app that enables you to control a computer with your local device from a remote place over the internet. Thus, you can access the files, use the apps, mange the power and fix the issues of the remote PC without physically accessing it. 

You are advised to use the best PC remote control app, AnyViewer, although Windows computer has built with Remote Desktop program. With AnyViewer, you can access Windows-based computer from Windows-based computer, Android device, or iOS device with a few clicks. Now, see why it is considered as one of the best PC remote apps for Windows. 

  1. Free version is available: AnyViewer provides a free version, which won’t limit the duration and frequency of software usage and can meets all basic demands of personal user.
  2. Great compatibility with Windows: AnyViewer works on all editions, Home, Standard are included, of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2, saving the cost of upgrading to Windows Professional or Ultimate. 
  3. Easy operation: AnyViewer has a reasonable & intuitive interface, enabling you to connect to remote PCs from your local devices without any obstacles even if you are a green hand.
  4. Fast speed: Specially designed large Message Protocol for streaming media, the latest screen capture technology, and efficient motion image code technology are employed, helping you to achieve fast remote connection and file transfer. 
  5. Multi-session supported: It’s available to start multiple sessions from one computer at the same time, which makes you can manage multiple remote computers with one computer conveniently. 

AnyViewer also built with many other features, including connecting in privacy mode, changing resolution in remote session, chat with the one on the other side, transferring files from one computer to another and so on. 

How to remotely control PC with your local device via AnyViewer

Are you ready to use the PC remote control app to take control of a remote computer from your local device? Keep reading to get the detailed steps on how to use the app to realize PC remote control from PC or mobile devices. 

Part 1. Enable remote connection to the PC that is going to be controlled

First of all, you need to download, install, and fire up AnyViewer on the to-be-accessed PC and enable remote connection to it. AnyViewer offers four ways for you to connect to remote PC: Remote control request, temporary security code, fixed security code, and one-click connect. You can enable any number of the access method based on your own need. 

To enable/disable remote control request and temporary security code

Go to Settings > Recipient, and you can see enable/disable allow temporary security code. 

To enable/disable security code and one-click connect 

Go to Settings > Unattended, and you can enable/disable security code and one-click connect to assigned computer What you need to pay attention is that to access the PC with one click, you also need to create an AnyViewer account and log into it to assign the PC to the account. 

Part 2. Access the remote PC from your PC or mobile device

Now, download, install and run AnyViewer on your local device and you can use corresponding access method to control the remote PC. 

Access with sending remote control request

Go to Connect interface, input the device ID of the remote PC, click Connect with Remote Control chosen, and click the first option. Then, your partner will see your control request on the remote PC and Allow should be chosen. 

Access with a temporary/fixed security code

Go to Connect interface, input the device ID of the remote PC, click Connect with Remote Control chosen, and click the second option. Then, input the temporary or fixed security code of the remote PC, and click OK.  

Access with one click 

Log into the same account, go to Device, click the assigned remote PC, click One-click control


Get the best PC remote control app for Windows and you can connect to remote computers without space and time limits, improve your work productivity and reduce the cost wasting on travel. 


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